Birds of Aksu-Djabagly Nature Reserve
Aksu-Djabagly nature reserve, the jewel of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The 238 species of bird, 1300 species of plant and 42 species of mammal so far identified in the reserve.
Birds of Prey in the Naursum Reserve, Kazakhstan
A total of 27 species of birds of prey, 16 of which are breeding, have been recorded in the Naursum State Reserve. The birds of prey monitoring started in 1977. The research concentrated on breeding biology, diet and population variations of 10 species of birds of prey: Imperial, Steppe, and White-tailed Eagles, Black Kite, Saker, Hobby, Kestrel, Merlin, Red-footed Falcon and Montagus Harrier. In 1994 telemetry studies were initiated with an active support of Dr. Robert Kenward, ITE, UK.
Mammals and Birds of Naurzum Zapovednik
Naurzum zapovednik is known for its incredible diversity of predatory and migratory birds. There are few places where so many types of eagles and falcons can be found in one place. The reserve provides one of the largest, protected nesting areas for Imperial eagles and Saker falcons. There are numerous other predatory birds including the Steppe eagle, Hobby, Kestrel, Red-footed falcon, Merlin, Long-legged buzzard and predatory night birds. Other noticeable birds include: Magpie, black grouse, Grey partridge, Greater spotted woodpecker, Oriole, Woodpigeon and Tree pipit.
Nature Reserves of Kazakhstan
i.e. "Aksu-Jabagli: Located in southern Kazakhstan, 1000-4000m (3280-3,120ft) above sea level, and home to 238 species of birds, 42 species of animals and 1300 species of plants."
Don Taylor - May-June 1999 (Trip report)
...Several of the group visited the park for an hour or so before breakfast at 0730, and Steve Rooke of Sunbird informed us that the weather had just broken for the better. Red-rumped Swallows circled over the Hotel, and in the park Blyth`s Reed and Hume`s Yellow-browed Warblers were heard or seen, along with Blackbirds, Common Mynas, House Sparrows, Great Tits, Greenfinches, an Azure Tit and a pair of Scarlet Rosefinches...
Graham Tebb - June-July 1997 (Trip report)
From 25 June to 11 July 1997 I was on a business trip to Almaty and Kurchatov in Kazakhstan and to Tashkent in Uzbekistan. As it was my first time in the area, I wanted to do a little sightseeing afterwards and was joined by my wife, a non-birdwatcher but very tolerant of my peculiarities, and we went to Samarkand, Shakhrisabz and Bukhara as well as to Sijjak, a small mountain village not far from Tashkent.
Stuart Reeves - Tien Shan Mountains - July-August 1997 (Trip report)
...This habitat, although apparently pristine, appeared rather poor for birds, with Hume`s Leaf Warbler and Common Crossbill the dominant species, and relatively few other birds...
Birds of Prey of Kazakhstan
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